Command Line Interface

A command line interface for the XICSRT raytracer.

xicsrt [-h] [–numruns N] [–numiter N] [–seed N] [–save]
[–images] [–suffix STR] [–path STR] [–multiprocessing]
[–processes N] [–version] [–debug]

xicsrt version 0.8.8

Perform an XICSRT raytrace from the command line.

The input to this command should be an XICSRT configuration dictionary
in json format. (Pickle and hdf5 formats are also supported.)

example 1:
xicsrt config.json

example 2:
python -m xicsrt config.json

positional arguments:
config_file The path to the configuration file for this run.

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
–numruns N Number of runs.
–numiter N Number of iterations per run.
–seed N The random seed to use.
–save Save the results.
–images Save intersection images.
–suffix STR A suffix to add to the output files.
–path STR Directory in which to store output.
–multiprocessing, –mp
Use multiprocessing.
–processes N Number of processes to use for muliprocessing.
–version Show the version number.
–debug Show debugging output in the log.

Parse command line arguments and run XICSRT.