A set of routines for related to Voigt distributions.

voigt(x, intensity=None, location=None, sigma=None, gamma=None)[source]

The Voigt function is also the real part of w(z) = exp(-z^2) erfc(iz), the complex probability function, which is also known as the Faddeeva function. Scipy has implemented this function under the name wofz()

voigt_cdf_tab(gamma, sigma, gridsize=None, cutoff=None)[source]
voigt_cdf_interp(gamma, sigma, gridsize=None)[source]
voigt_invcdf_interp(gamma, sigma, gridsize=None)[source]
voigt_cdf_numeric(x, gamma, sigma, gridsize=None)[source]
voigt_invcdf_numeric(x, gamma, sigma, gridsize=None)[source]
voigt_random(gamma, sigma, size, **kwargs)[source]

Draw random samples from a Voigt distribution.

The tails of the distribution will be clipped; the clipping level can be adjusted with the cutoff keyword. The default values is 1e-5.

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